Monday Nonsense.

Our 12 week appointment is next Monday, which feels like months. Ya feel me? I haven’t really had anything fun to blog about since last week since my life pretty much consists of going to work at 7 in the morning and going to sleep at 7 at night. What an exciting life! I am, however, happy that I’m not 8.5 months pregnant during the summer while its 95 degrees. Praise to you ladies who are! You’re a better woman than me. A couple fun things though, we had our engagement pictures taken over the weekend and we should be moving in the next week or two! Also, I decided to make waffles (no calories in those at all) for dinner tonight and spilt the entire bowl on the floor. So that was a good time. It was all part of my evil plan to make Jacob order pizza (he has put me on a guilt trip lately about eating too much pizza… No amount of pizza is too much pizza???) All in all, things are just dandy in our little lives as of Monday!


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