11 Weeks!

11 Weeks!

I’m 11 weeks today, guys! So much going on inside there.. BS is now almost completely formed and his/her head is about the same size as the rest of its body. That kind of freaks me out a little. Anyway, he/she is the about the same size of a lime at 1.5 inches long and weights .25 ounces. Those little nubby fingers and toes aren’t webbed anymore either so BS is starting to move around in there. I can’t wait to feel that! BS is also growing tooth buds and hair follicles. He/she is starting to look more and more like a real baby and not a new born pterodactyl. Yay! As I’ve already said, I just have a feeling this baby is going to be a boy. I really wanted a girl, but of course I will be elated either way. Plus if it’s a boy, Jay will finally have a boy in his direct blood line and can stop complaining about all these high maintenance women. I know, can you believe he would call me, mom, and Kenzie such a thing? Hateful. I seriously cannot wait for January to roll around though. I am NOT a patient person so this pregnancy is really, really testing me. I see pictures of babies and I just want this one to be here now so I can snuggle with it! 🙂 I am, however, still feeling great. Still pretty sleepy, I slept for about 10 and a half hours last night. That just about covers all of my updates thus far. Everyone have a happy 4th of July tomorrow!!


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