So the news is out..

It was so extremely hard trying to keep this secret from everyone and that’s why we broke down and shared the news a couple weeks earlier than we originally planned. It was only our immediate families that knew for the first several weeks. The week leading up to us revealing the news last Friday we started telling the rest of our family and friends. It was just too much excitement to contain! Of course, once I put it on Facebook it spread like wildfire. (Duh, what else is Facebook for?) All of our family is so extremely excited, as this is the first grandchild, great grandchild, great niece or nephew, even great great niece or nephew for all my of family. And all of my friends… for lack of better word, shat themselves. I don’t blame them. Just over a year ago we were gallivanting around Lawrence doing Lord knows what with God knows who and now I’m going to be a mom! WOW. But the overwhelming support we’ve received from everyone has been just amazing. Anywho, I’m still feeling great and wouldn’t even know there was a little baby Saiz if my belly if I didn’t know better. I just hope everything from here on out goes as smooth and we have a healthy, happy baby in a little less than 7 months! MY GOD THAT’S A LONG TIME.

Sidenote: we should be closing on our house in a few weeks so I’m so excited for that to happen and to find out the sex in a couple months so I can start decorating!

Sidenote 2: We won’t be revealing baby Saiz name until the day he or she is born! 🙂


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