We’re Engaged!

We're Engaged!

So, baby daddy finally popped the question!! We’d been talking about engagement long before we found out the baby news, but it just turned out a little backwards for us. But that’s A-okay with us. Jacob didn’t tell me until Wednesday evening that we were “going on a mini vacation to the lake” the next day. So I went about my evening and packed to go to the lake (in the tiny suitcase he was making me cram all my stuff in — hello, there’s your sign!). We were up and headed “to the lake” Thursday morning and I found nothing out of the ordinary when Jacob kept making the wrong turn to get some food on the way. We ended up at the airport and Jacob was getting an ear full from me due to the amount of wrong turns he’d taken (which happens every time we go anywhere outside of the neighborhood). It wasn’t until he literally parked the car in the airport parking lot that I figured out we weren’t going to the lake after all. I had a feeling we were going to be going to Scottsdale because this is where we had already talking about having our wedding. Sure enough, Scottsdale it was! We landed, ate, checked into our AMAZING hotel The Royal Palms (it’s worth a Google), did some shopping since I didn’t bring any of the right clothes, and took a little nap before we went out for dinner. Before we headed out to eat at The Yardhouse, one of our favorite places no matter what state we’re in, Jacob talked me into walking around the resort to see all the beautiful sights all lit up by sidewalk lighting. It really was gorgeous. He was nervous. So nervous I just knew what was about to happen! He walked up to an outside garden that was closed off by a set of doors, he opened them up and led me in. It was amazing, the walkway was lined with little candles and flower petals that led to a few stairs with a table that had more candles and flowers. He was rambling a bunch of sweet nothings about how in love he was with me, how he had never met a more perfect woman, and some other things. I can’t remember, I was in tears. He got down on one knee and the rest is history!


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