I knew the weird cravings would come……

Up to this point (6 weeks 4 days) I still have had very minimal symptoms. I have, however, started getting a little queasy when I’m hungry – which is ALWAYS – and only certain things can curb my huge appetite. What is it that sounds so good? Ramen noodles and that creamy spinach dip that comes in the jar at the store, I think it’s Lays? My god it’s good. I ate pretty much the whole jar in two days…. and not the small jar either, the big boy. Don’t judge me. What sucks is that chicken is pretty much a staple in our house, I make some variation of chicken literally every night and it sounds repulsing right now. I guess daddy is going to start doing the cooking, which narrows us down to burgers and cereal. YUMMY.


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