20 week ultrasound!

Half way, finally! Pregnancy is already getting a little saucy. Although I really am having an easy pregnancy considering all things, the discomfort is already setting in. The backache, ugh. The gigantic boobs, ugh. The boobs are honestly becoming a spectacle at this point, which is probably contributing to the back pain. My back hurt so bad with Bode though, he stood on his head on top of the tailbone for the last several weeks of my pregnancy so he was born with a massive blue and purple bruise on the top of his head. It was so sad! It went away after day or two.

Am I the only one out that that is super paranoid about everything with their second pregnancy? With Bode, I just felt like everything was fine all the time and nothing could go wrong. This time around, I worry about every single thing possible that could ever go wrong. I’m hoping my anxiety will go away and I’ll quit being a crazy person now that I can drink coffee again. I kicked the coca cola habit (for the most part) a few weeks ago so I’m especially happy that coffee doesn’t sound repulsive anymore.

Below are some of the best pictures we got from our ultrasound today. It just amazes me how baby looks at this stage when we know just how small they really are. Twelve ounces.. What! We obviously didn’t get one good facial picture because baby had his? her? hands in their face the entire time. Not finding out gender today was one of the hardest things ever. We both almost caved at different points. Definitely don’t have the mental strength capacity for this kind of thing. Laying there on the table, I told him if we have another, we WILL be finding out the gender. With all that being said, all of baby’s vital organs and spine are looking great and we are right on track with my original due date. Feeling blessed and excited are understatements.



Got to do some more fun baby shopping over the weekend in KC. Things are starting to come together and I’m loving it! Thankfully the room is small enough that I can’t over do it. Added bonus, there is a sliding glass down that walks into our bedroom so we are super pumped about how close the baby gets to be to us when we move him? her? to their crib. Lastly, I have bought way too many girl things (I’ve bought a couple boy too). See? No willpower. So if you are reading this and you are having a baby girl in July, I have some cute things you’ll want to see. nursery


18 weeks!

18 weeks today! Only 3 years left… That’s how it feels anyways. This pregnancy is moving at a snails pace. As you can see in the picture below, I’m a little larger at 18 weeks this time around than I was with Bode (18 weeks with Bode on the left, Baby No. 2 on the right). I’m also carrying higher this time too. Some days I feel like it’s a girl and some days I feel like it’s a boy. We have our 20 week ultrasound coming up and it is going to be SO HARD not finding out gender. Jesus help me and my insanely poor willpower. I was reading through my weekly posts with Bode and one thing is identical though: movement. This baby has started kicking really strong in the last couple days like Bode did at 18 weeks. Though I have felt lots of flutters and bubbles a lot earlier on this time (since I knew what I was looking for), they have came on a lot stronger in the past 72 hours. Yay!


Getting the nursery put together and I’m loving it! It’s obviously been easier because I am reusing our crib, dresser, and changing table so all the big expenses are out of the way. I originally planned on sticking with a grey scheme, but saw these little plants and loved them so on to plan b: nature scheme. I also saw this print on Pinterest a couple months ago and had to buy it! Perfect for our sweet little rainbow baby.

Hopefully I can stick to at least posting a weekly update about Baby Saiz. Jacob and lots of family members have been encouraging me to bring back the blog posts so we’ll see!

Weekend Roundup

Well, it’s been a week since my last post, but I told myself this morning I would get some of my thoughts down before the end of the day. Last week was just exhausting with getting my first week of bootcamp going and getting re-adjusted to getting up so early every single day. We packed up Saturday morning and took the boys to Branson with some of our friends and their kiddo’s.

BrothersJust taking these two to a hotel is, like, a huge deal! They are literally so entertained just by being in a hotel with a pool (even though we have a pool!) BabiesBabaies
Is there seriously anything cuter than these chubby babies? Bode and his cousin “Tolt” are definitely going to be water babies all summer long. I don’t know even know kind of trouble those two boys will be getting into in the next several years!

KoopGo-KartObviously you can’t go to Branson without stopping at a minimum of one Go-Kart track. (my favorite is the slick track, I don’t know if it’s even still there though!) Koop wants to be able to drive the big cars on the big tracks so bad.. He probably isn’t going to make the cut by the end of Branson-Season. He got to drive the bumper boats though so I think that made up for it a little bit!

BraidI’ve finally, FINALLY, after years of trying to braid my own hair have made the brain to finger connection. Kind of. I can do a pretty awesome braid on the left side of my head. Sorry to brag, but seriously you should’ve seen my skills a few years ago. I had none. I still cannot braid anywhere else besides on the left side of my head though, LOL! Cool. I’m practicing a ton though, so hopefully my brain and little fingers can make that connection soon too!

On a health & fitness related note. Bootcamp is going great in the mornings and I’m really excited to get more ladies to join us bright and early. (I added evening classes this week as well!) See Challenge below! I’ve been working out pretty hard the past few weeks and my nutrition has been much better than it was the majority of the winter. I’m not seeing the scale move like I’m wanting it to, so I have to keep reminding myself that this is a process. I am seeing visible changes so that should be what matters. Right? Right… I’m so pissed at myself for sabotaging myself and all the hard work I put in this time last year. Anyways!

8865388d8651bac95bd132d98ba1301fHead over to my Facebook page now to check out the Lululemon giveaway I am doing for the month of May. I am now offering a Facebook Live Group to host online workouts that will be available if you don’t live near, or our class time don’t work for you! Please comment or follow my Facebook page for more information on my Lululemon giveaway!

Weekend Roundup

How do we leave work on Friday’s, blink our eyes, and it’s Monday and we are back in our offices. Sucks. I am always torn between wanting to go-go-go on the weekend, or wanting to just stay home and hang out with the boys and relax. Except, there’s never much relaxing going on between inevitable housework, cleaning up the train of chaos that Bode leaves in his wake, and anything in between. Anywho, we stayed the weekend in Kansas City with my best friend and her husband. I went up Friday after work to have a girls night/girls morning with Mattie, and Jacob and Bode came up early the next afternoon. I think they enjoyed having a guys night…

Luckily for me, my friend Mattie is a master chef. I consider myself her sous chef, anything that I am able to make, she probably makes it taste and look better. I’m fine with that because the outcome is amazing food. Last summer, our moms and us went to San Antonio to visit Texas wine country. Our hotel had a restaurant on the bottom floor that looked out over the boardwalk, super cool. We had breakfast there a couple of times, and one of the items on the menu was Migas. If you don’t know what this amazing, delicious, Mexican breakfast is.. Click here to read The Pioneer Woman’s article and recipe for Migas. This is Mattie’s favorite recipe so that mean it’s the sh*t. I felt so spoiled getting breakfast made for me!


Shortly later in the afternoon, Bode & Jacob got to town and hung out with Mattie’s husband Derek. We made a quick trip to the plaza because I desperately needed a new Royals shirt and I wanted to stop in Anthropologie to add to my kitchen collection. Ended up getting walking out with Tenpenny Ale shirt that I love, not Royals themed at all but oh well. I need to go back to Charlie Hustle and buy all the shirts.  The bargain of the day was getting 5 small bowls and a monogram coffee mug from Anthro for $31. Talk about scoring. Will post a picture later in this post!


13090158_10207384130019906_469965767_n13082116_10207384130459917_235332419_n13077386_10207384129619896_280037251_n13081676_10207384129019881_1564611636_n13089936_10207384128619871_1077215555_nWent a little overboard on the pictures of Bode at the game, but sorry not sorry. He’s so cute I can’t help myself! He had an absolute blast, we were there for 8 innings and he was an angel basically the whole game. We stuffed his face with popcorn, dippin’ dots, and whatever else we got.. He was happy as a clam. He knows all about “ball” and loves to play with Jacob and his big brother. The dude is only 2 and he’s already been to a few MLB games, not even counting the ones where he was in my belly. Which reminds me of the time Jacob and I went to the Dodgers/Cardinals game in STL when I was quite pregnant… We (Dodgers) lost and I ended up getting into an argument with a child who was taunting us. Not a finer moment, but we take our sports seriously and I’m not to be messed with when I’m pregnant and just sat through several hours of baseball, consuming no cold beer. That’s all completely off topic.


So back to the part about my Anthropologie steals! Five bowls and a mug for $31 is such a steal. I should’ve got more, dang it. I’m so obsessed with their dinnerware and coffee mugs, ob-freaking-sessed. But, it’s pricey so I always hit up the sales when I’m near a store. I also got a great bargain recently, my neighbor was selling this amazing Pier 1 dinner set so I scooped that up as fast as I could. Yesterday afternoon seemed like a good time to get all of my spring plates and bowl moved to the front of the cabinet!


I tried to keep my diet pretty clean the rest of the day yesterday once we got home. I had plenty of unearned carbs over the weekend. I feel guilty about that.. I try not to feel guilty about eating the food that I love because we are all allowed room for error in our diets AND should be able to enjoy our food. Just have to make up for it by buckling down this week. So, lots of veggies it was. I’m obsessed with Vidalia Onion dressing right now. One serving is 2T. and I believe there are 6g of carbs and 0 grams of fat. I used just 1T. over my veggies for a little extra flavor and this little meal was amazing! You can this stuff at probably any grocery store, I find it at Wal-Mart. *This brand of dressing tends to be low in carbs and fat which is perfect! I highly suggest trying it, I have several flavors and I haven’t found one I didn’t like.* I realize no food or condiment is going to have the perfect macro nutrient lay-out and there’s always going to be less-than-ideal ingredients in anything that tastes good, moderation is key. I have to allow myself things that taste good whether it’s sweet or savory, or I will end up ruining days worth of eating well and balanced.

FF_vidalia onion

All-in-all, it was a great weekend. So many things to enjoy this time of the year. The weather, the baseball, the cold beer. We have kind of got ourselves into a bad habit of not bringing the boys with us on outing with friends without kiddie’s, but Bode did so well this weekend and proved us wrong! He can follow rules sometimes 🙂 He had a pretty big weekend, he was over it by 7:45 last night.


Boot-camp girls! This section is for you. I’m feeling so excited about class and all of the questions and interest I’ve been receiving that I’ve decided to do the first giveaway! The ONE & ONLY way to participate in this giveaway is to challenge yourself to get to class at least 3 days a week, for the entire month of May. That’s do-able! Total, that’s only 1 hour and 30 minutes of working out for the entire week. You got that! What’s the prize, you ask? $50 gift card to Lululemon! 757392ed2353301d928b43bc75c36ac5

Recap: You get up and come to 3 early AM classes a week (PM classes coming soon) for the whole month of May, and you’re entered to win. Lululemon is my very favorite brand of workout apparel so I am a little bit excited about this. I was going to wait, but I thought, what the heck! Use this giveaway to challenge and motivate yourself. That 5am alarm is early, but the results are totally worth it!

Fuel Your Friday

Happy Fri-Yay! This sunshine filled Friday afternoon has me in the best mood. Or perhaps it’s from the two workout’s I’ve already done today. Remember, Elle from Legally Blonde told us that exercise makes us happy. (Just one more reason why we should all be moving our bodies).

EndorphinsSo Friday’s are really important to me to kick my weekend off with the right foot forward. Early morning and/or lunch workouts are crucial for me. If I get that workout in on a Friday, I feel like I’ve earned the multiple cold beers and/or glasses of wine I will be consuming that night. Of course I drink during the week too (not every night, smart asses), just not as excessively as I would on a Friday or Saturday. Friday’s are the main ingredient to a perfect weekend. When I get home, I get the spend the entire night with my boys doing whatever we want to do until as late as we want to do it. No bed times. No rules. Well there are rules, but Bode doesn’t follow them and we only have Koop (the rule-follower) every other weekend.

Weekends allow me the extra time in the kitchen to make the meals me and my guys love. Sure, I have the time to make their favorites on a week night too, but it’s just not the same. It’s rushed, it’s sloppy, there’s chicken juice all over the place, chances of something being burnt are higher, I don’t have the company of dirty little hands getting into my clean food. I’m off on a tangent. Friday’s and the two days following are when I’m able to regroup and remind myself why I’m working out, eating healthy, and exhausting myself when I have so many other things I could or would like to be doing. My point is this: Friday counts, and you don’t want to sabotage the hard work you’ve been putting in all week on the first day of your weekend. No, no. If I’m blowing the lid off my diet this weekend, it’s going to be on some of the best Mexican food KC has to offer. But, I’m going to earn it and that’s by eating right, every other meal of the day. And sweating my booty off, of course.

Here’s how my Friday is shaping up:

4:45a wake up – drink some water, hydrate.

5:15a instruct bootcamp (post coming soon!)

6:00a protein shake + small green apple

7:15a scrambled eggs con salsa + 1/2 C. grapes + coconut oil coffee  (1 whole egg, 2 egg whites scrambled, topped with fresh salsa) Eggsconsalsa

9:45 finally got hungry again so I had a serving of raw almonds. these are one of my favorite snacks. so much variety. always refer to the nutritional information on whatever kind you chose. You don’t want anything high in carbs, like under 10 grams at the most.


**I never got hungry again before my second workout at lunch. Had I felt hungry, I would have eaten something like a protein bar. Again, pay attention to the label on the back. If you don’t religiously do this, you need to start!**

12:15p HIIT workout (cardio + light weights)

1p protein shake

130p Quinoa Crisp & Tuna Salad (dressing is 1g of carbs per 2T and the quinoa crisps are 6g of carbs per 2T. i will take that! The last ingredient, pinto beans, were what I had left over, which add extra protein and a bit of carbs). This is the perfect post workout meal because you are replenishing all that energy you just burned with quick burning carbs.


So that’s what I’ve got for the day. I honestly probably won’t get hungry again until it’s time for dinner. If I do, I will probably have 1/4 to 1/2 of an avocado. Mix in your favorite seasonings and it’s perfect. If it’s weird for you to eat avocado with a spoon, mash it up and dip veggies in it.

We are having burgers tonight. Since I’m done working out for the day, I tapered my carbs after my last workout and will only consume carbs from veggies the rest of the day/evening. To make a hearty burger that will fill you up without being packed full of carbs, you have so many options.

My favorite low carb burger: cabbage bun (lettuce works too, but cabbage is a bit more durable to hold your ingredients in), place burger on top of cabbage, layer of spinach, layer of raw purple onion, a big ole spoonful of spicy guacamole, and top with another piece of cabbage.

-I forgot to strongly urge you to consume a large amount of water each day. As much as you can. There is a solid chance you aren’t going to overdo it with the water, and the benefits are endless. Starting with combating hunger and flushing our bodies of crap, resulting in less bloating and amazing skin.

Want more options for low carb burgers? Have questions about reading nutritional labels? Let me know!!!

Hump Day Coffee Talk

I’m a coffee ADDICT. Full-blown, can’t deny it. I drink never less than 2 cups of delicious, hot, beautiful coffee every day. Today’s post is going to be about one (of several) ways to turn your favorite caffeine boost into a hunger-fighting, fat-burning, cup of deliciousness.

Cup of Fat: If you are a coffee person, there’s a good chance you have heard about Bulletproof coffee, or butter coffee. Click here to read about it. I’ve never been a consumer of Bulletproof coffee, simply because the products are somewhat expensive and I can drink my coffee cold & black so I refused to spend the money. The concept is this: adding Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) into our coffee to ward off hunger by taking a dose of caffeine and fat straight to the brain (improving brain function and clarity). Wait, what? MCT’s are naturally occurring fatty acids in fats such as coconut oil. MCT’s provide us quicker energy because of the way they digest. “Bailie, I thought you said something about warding off hunger?” Oh yes! Because you are taking in 14+ grams of fat inside your cup of coffee, you have providing yourself with beneficial macro-nutrients your body needs, as well as keeping away the hunger pangs due to the slower digestion of fats. Kicking your morning off with a cup of (healthy) fat is one of the best ways to kick start your metabolism. Not to mention all of the other benefits coconut oil provides for us!

How do you make this? Easy. Brew a cup of coffee. Measure out a tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil and drop ‘er into the hot java. The best option is to froth or blend. For an even creamier and richer coffee, you can add 1-2 T. grass-fed butter before you blend. Add a bit of cinnamon if you’d like. Yum! I’m totally addicted to this method of coffee. Keep in mind that you are consuming a serving a fat in this coffee, so be mindful about food your choices throughout the day to not over-do your fat consumption for the day.

mug15oz-whi-z1-t-mama-needs-her-coffeeI think I need this mug.

Back to Blogging!

Hi all! Or maybe I’m talking to nobody. Either way is cool. I’m going to try and rededicate myself to writing in my blog. It’s a good outlet. I can make fun of myself here, self-deprecation is my favorite form of humor by the way. Life has been simple yet crazy for the last year or so. We’ve taken vacations. We moved 20 minutes back to our hometown in Kansas. We’ve upgraded from t-ball to regular baseball. So many things, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m going to try and outline my posts here to keep myself more organized and to give myself something to talk about.

Topics of Importance (at the moment):

  1. Family. Jacob and I are coming up on our 3rd wedding anniversary in September. Wow. Kooper is 7. Bode is 2. No baby Saiz on the near horizon. Days of our Lives: Saiz Edition. Here you will find what it’s like living with 3 monster boys, one of them is full grown, who trash my house and pee on my toilet seats. #boymom.
  2. Fitness & Health. When we moved back to Columbus, we both quit Crossfit. It would have taken entirely too much time out of our nights to drive to Joplin, workout, and drive home. We still have our home gym equipment and surprisingly, we get our monies worth out of it. I’ve also been dabbling with the 21 Day Fix Extreme. Stay tuned for this post!
  3. Home. Our new home is fabulous and we love it. However, I am having to pick one room at a time to decorate. Home decor is expensive. Thank Pete for Hobby Lobby and Home Goods.

For now, I’m still trying to get used to this website again and re-learn myself on how to use it. I was trying to add some photos above (to brag on how cute my kids are and how awesome at decorating I am), but it wouldn’t work and I don’t have that kind of patience. It’s Friday and that means it’s time to party! We have both boys tonight, we’re cooking out with some family, and I have a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge. It’s going to be a great weekend!

(I wrote this post on Friday and just now realized it didn’t post.)

A Very Merry Christmas

1535427_10204653061359176_7357586276652459972_nIt was a very Merry Christmas for my family this year! Unfortunately, it wasn’t our holiday with big bro so it was just the three of us this year. Santa did come and visit Koop a little early though, so he was stoked about that. As you can see from the picture above, Jacob and I are always the inappropriate ones of the bunch. He has stated that he is no longer taking “boring, side by side, lame pictures” with my anymore. So this was the result, yay me. Wouldn’t trade him for the world, maybe for a lot of chocolate and a few bottles of Cabernet though.


Speaking of Cabernet, my parents are the best. They got me a full supply of vino from V. Sattui Winery in Napa Valley. It is seriously my favorite. {Next to Fisher Vineyards, which Dad let us drink a bottle of to celebrate}. I think they just got me my own wine so I would quit “borrowing” theirs. They’re the best, they rock. If only my husband would drink wine with me… Oh well, more for me.

10881618_10204088101461252_6337636161402174234_n 10801525_10204088796238621_4392783569732863747_n 10431448_10204088790558479_6836046080425772959_n 10357597_10204088795318598_7097742511628253047_n

Bode had a great day too! He was, of course, just as interested in the wrapping paper, bows, and boxes as he was the actual toys. It was so fun watching him, even though he has not the slightest clue on what’s going on with all the presents and packages. We had such a good few days, celebrating and spending time with our families. We’ve got to see pretty much everyone in our families over the last week which makes all the hustle and bustle worth it. Wouldn’t trade my time with all those weirdo’s for nothin’!

Thanksgiving Turkeys

November has already come and gone. WHAT? It’s December 1st and it’s friggin’ miserable outside. We had a great Thanksgiving week and weekend with family and friends and now I’m carrying around like 5 to 10 extra pounds. Whatever. I always love getting to have a few days off work to spend with my guys. My house looks like it was overran with farm animals and I’m more tired after 4 days off than I should be, but it’s worth it. Well kind of. We took Bode’s paci away almost 2 weeks ago now and he has done PERFECT without it, until Saturday night. It was past nine and he decided he was partying instead of sleeping. He is never awake past 8:30, so we kept trying to lay him down and he just screamed bloody murder. He absolutely wouldn’t give in so we caved and gave him the paci and he pretty much went right to sleep. I know, I know, we were so close. Sue me. He’s still got over a month until he’s one so we will try again soon.


1966945_10203909875845723_1697925506147160717_nOur new favorite face to make!


The matching Vans…. I can’t help myself.


Buffalo Plaid

Dressing this baby up is seriously the funniest thing. I’m telling you, boys are just as fun to dress as girls. Sure, he probably hates it, but we get a kick out of how freaking cute he looks. I know for a fact he hates wearing shoes because the nanosecond I get them tied, he’s kicking them off. With the brisk 21 degrees it is here this morning, he doesn’t have an option. He’s wearing the damn shoes! Mean, mean mommy.

I’m also obsessing with buffalo plaid right now. He actually has a buffalo plaid onesie on under that fleece. I wish Kooper would have been with us this morning because I got him the exact same fleece jacket.





Pick these up to accent you and your kiddo’s buffalo plaid wardrobe! 🙂